When Love Came Down (Week 4): “The Result of the Incarnation”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 1:23

Pastor Jason Mayhall concludes the Christmas season’s series, “When Love Came Down,” at Redemption Bible Church. In Matthew 1, Mary is found to be pregnant with baby Jesus. Joseph considers a quiet divorce before he is visited by an angel who instructs him to be patient and obey God’s will. Pastor Jason reminds us that something important to remember is that God sees us as He saw Joseph; He knows us, and is with us. Even when life is difficult and things are unclear or unknown, God is with us. God will save us from our sins, and we need to be obedient to Him. We all matter in the eyes of God. As the Christmas season comes to an end, some questions we need to consider are: Are we allowing God to be with us? Are we obeying God’s commands? Are we being patient and looking toward Jesus as the example for how we should behave?

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