Trust Fall (Week 9): “Nothing Too Difficult”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 17:15-18:15

This week, Redemption Bible Church continues the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall,” an examination of the story of Abraham in Genesis. Pastor Jason Mayhall reviews forms of doubt, a feeling that everyone has from time to time. Does prayer work? Are the issues we are dealing with too much for even God to engage in? We see that God will bring us to the end of our strength and resources and ask us to fully trust in Him. God told Abraham and Sarah, after 25 years of serving Him, that He will bless them with a son — Isaac. Sarah, who at this time is 90 years old, asks how God’s promise of a son could be possible and God responds with a question, “Is anything too difficult for the Lord?” If we believe in this, then we should have no doubt that placing our trust in God, rather than in ourselves, will enable us to live a blessed life.