Trust Fall (Week 7): “Blamelessly Walking With God”

David Northup, Elder/Teacher – Genesis 17:1-8

Redemption Bible Church continues its examination of the story of Abraham in the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” This week, we are led by one of our church’s elders, David Northup, as we look at Genesis 17. We see through Abraham someone who was focused on obeying the Lord, but also had lapses and crises of faith. In this chapter, we see God communicating to Abraham in Canaan almost 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus. God commands Abraham to make his daily life; his thoughts, words, and deeds, thoroughly pleasing to God. By trusting God’s promise, Abraham was counted as righteous. God then established an everlasting covenant with Abraham and his people to always be there for them. It shows how God enjoys his relationships with his people, reaching out to us to draw us closer to him. With respect to living a life that is pleasing to God, blameless, we see it is later Jesus who is the one that actually led a sinless, blameless life, as a continuation of that covenant. Since that time we have Jesus who will take the sin away from us. Through His actions we can be blameless, if we trust in Him.