Trust Fall (Week 5): “How to Fight Fear”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 15:1-21

Redemption Bible Church continues its examination of the story of Abraham in the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” This week, Pastor Jason Mayhall leads through Genesis 15, looking at Abram’s doubt and fear and how God helped him overcome it by telling Abram that He is always there. Abram is someone who, we would think, has everything going for him but he’s still fearful of what may be in front of him. God tells him to not worry; that God is his shield and is there and ready to protect him. We also must look inward to think about what it really is we are afraid of and whether we are building our own protections and shields, instead of relying on God. God is our deliverer, our strength, and our protector. We must look to Him to shield us and help us overcome fear of those things that burden us. We must trust in God’s promises and not allow fear to decide how we live our lives.