Trust Fall (Week 3): “A Tale of Two Men”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 13:5-18

Redemption Bible Church continues to examine Genesis 13 in the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” Pastor Jason Mayhall leads us to look at the lives of two men; Abram, and his nephew Lot. We see they wind up living very different lives. Lot makes decisions based on what he sees and feels. Abram represents the life of faith, placing everything in God’s hands. Through the example of Abram, we see we must handle conflict wisely and graciously, and must realize we cannot avoid it. Abram takes the initiative, reaches out to Lot, and asks him to help them avoid any strife. Abram sacrifices his personal interests to Lot, putting Lot’s needs above his own. Lot takes that freedom, but chooses unwisely. The life of faith involves learning to live with one another, to express confidence in God’s promises, and focus on the glory of God rather than solely what will bring us the greatest benefit in the moment.