Trust Fall (Week 16): “A Piece of the Promise”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 23:1-20

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church to looks at the story of Abraham, concluding the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” Pastor Jason recounts how we’ve seen Abraham show incredible faith in God, but we’ve also seen him reject the promises God had for him. As we enter chapter 23, we see the death of Sarah and Abraham’s devastation. This is the only time Abraham is recorded to be weeping. We then see Abraham’s determination to make sure Sarah’s burial plot will be in Canaan. Abraham is a wanderer in the land of Canaan, without a place of his own to bury her. He desires a permanent place to bury her, so as to not have to borrow land for this need. God had promised Abraham land but this promise had not yet been fulfilled, so Abraham keeps his faith in God and is able to secure the land sought for Sarah’s burial plot. This story shows, again, how we are saved when we place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.