Trust Fall (Week 14): “The Covenant of Peace”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 21:22-34

This week’s sermon examines Abraham and the Book of Genesis as part of the current series entitled “Trust Fall,” at Redemption Bible Church. Pastor Jason Mayhall explains the art of peacemaking, using Genesis 21. He describes how Abimelech and Abraham must sort out their differences, as Abraham lied to Abimelech in the past and Abimelech’s men had taken over a water well that Abraham had created. The men sort out their differences in a respectful way that provides us with a great example of how to pursue peace with others. Pastor Jason points out that it is up to us to actively seek to restore relationships in our lives that have become broken. We know that the truth may hurt at times and there is always a cost that comes when trying to restore peace. A question we have to consider is whether we willing to pay the cost to pursue peace. We need to look inside ourselves and reflect on the sin we bring to the table, especially when we think we are right in a dispute. If we take a step back and look at the grace God has shown us in spite of our sins. If we reflect on how God grants us peace, even though we are all broken people, we can see that our pursuit of peace allows us to glorify Him and thank Him for everything He has blessed us with.