Trust Fall (Week 13): “The Son of Promise”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 21:1-21

After an inspiring question and answer session with graduating high school seniors, Tre Whittaker and Sarah Guckenberger, Pastor Jason Mayhall teaches about the promise we all possess, to lead lives centered on God. This is a continuation of the “Trust Fall” sermon series, which dives into the Book of Genesis and the story of Abraham. We see here that God fulfills his promise to Abraham and Sarah, through their son Isaac. We see from this example a few things: that God will always be there for us, that He will deliver on His promises, but that He will do so on His timing. Pastor Jason talks about how this timing can be inconvenient or frustrating for those who follow God. We live in a culture with a lot of unfulfilled promises that can overwhelm us with doubt. It is how we handle this doubt and meet this need for patience that will test our faith. In order for our faith to grow it must be tested. We must never lose confidence in the fact that God hears our cries, that He is a compassionate God, and He will always be there for us.