SOLA (Week 2): “Sola Fide”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Romans 3:21-26

Pastor Jason Mayhall continues teaching, about the 5ooth Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, at Redemption Bible Church. This sermon series is entitled “SOLA,” examining how only through Christ can we find salvation. This week looks at the concept of faith and sin. Pastor Jason describes how we cannot earn or buy our way to salvation. Righteous people live by faith alone, in the works of Jesus Christ. We have to give our lives and hearts to God. As our view of God and Jesus Christ increases our faith will increase. When we sin, we sin not only against ourselves and/or each other, but against God. God’s glory is reduced by our sin and that debt must be settled. It is through Jesus and the cross that our atonement can take place.