Sacred Assembly – Ordinary People Revealing an Extraordinary God (Week 3): “Preaching: Why We Must Preach”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – 2 Timothy 4:2-5

This week, Redemption Bible Church continues the sermon series entitled “Sacred Assembly,” a look at what the Church is as an institution, and what makes a good one. Pastor Jason Mayhall leads on how different churches approach preaching the Gospel, talking about the dozens of things that people use to evaluate a church and how preaching the Gospel is evolving in many churches. Taking it back to 2 Timothy, preaching is highlighted as God’s chosen instrument to create, convict, convert, and conform His people. Jesus commands His church to preach the Gospel as His Word saves people when they come to know who He is. Pastor Jason highlights some of the challenges of preaching, how one can best equip him/herself to listen to a preacher, and that at our core we all are in constant need of God’s word to be shared with us.

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