Pray Like Jesus (Week 4): “The Greatest Prayer”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – John 17:1-26

Pastor Jason Mayhall concludes the current sermon series, entitled “Pray Like Jesus,” at Redemption Bible Church. The teaching includes what we should think about when we pray, specifically how our eternal life hinges on the knowledge and acceptance of one true God. Praying like Jesus means we must look beyond our own wants and needs, and recognize that everything we have is because of God. We must recognize that the Devil is real, and we need to pray for protection from him — not just for ourselves, but also for the rest of the world. We must be witness to the world as one being, recognizing that when we unify together we create the bonds that Jesus sought for us. The enemy of God, the Devil, seeks to divide people. As a church, we must emphasize relationships amongst ourselves and our community. No matter what is happening, Jesus is praying that we stay and work together; that we are united in the belief that there is one true God who loves us and protects us. Praying as Jesus did helps us strengthen the bonds between us. It encourages us to think about not just ourselves, but those around us and the role we can play in redeeming the world.