Pray Like Jesus (Week 2): “A Pattern for Prayer (Part 2)”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 6:11-13

Redemption Bible Church continues the new sermon series entitled “Pray Like Jesus.” Pastor Jason Mayhall teaches how, through the Bible, the Lord has provided us with guidance that enables us to effectively pray. It is during prayer we can ask God for what we need today but, if we accept God’s provision, we must also recognize that only God can distinguish between need and want. God knows what we truly need. If we believe in Him, He will provide for us. Pastor Jason also reminds us that we must pray not just for our needs but also the needs of others. Through this, we can help make the world more like God’s Kingdom in Heaven. During prayer we must recognize our sins — both the things we did and should not have done, and the things we should have done but did not do. Every time we sin, a debt is created, which demands payment. When we confess our sins, this debt is paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself. By praying to God, He will lead us to freedom; A freedom from the sins that Satan uses to ensnare us. Rather than being distracted by Satan we can ask God, through prayer, that our life would bring glory to Him.