Pray Like Jesus (Week 1): “A Pattern for Prayer (Part 1)”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 6:5-10

Redemption Bible Church begins a new sermon series entitled “Pray Like Jesus,” led by Pastor Jason Mayhall. This will be a 4-week examination of how to pray. What should the process of talking to our Lord God look like? Do you pray in a way that generates spiritual vitality, or do you find yourself stalled when you feel the urge to pray? Are you coasting without really going in any particular direction? Pastor Jason teaches that prayer can fall by the wayside for some, but if you carve out time to pray it can cause the rest of your life to fall in line. Jesus laid out a path to prayer, which we can follow starting with the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus’ teaching show us that prayer is mostly private, so we must seek out an environment where we can go to meet God. He also teaches that prayer should be purposeful. It is not sufficient to just repeat the same prayers over and over. Finally, it is patterned. It’s not simply sporadic thoughts, but similar to dancing, it’s got a flow to it that prevents us from getting stuck. The goal of this 4-week series is to use Jesus as a model, to use Him as a prompt to start expanding our prayer-life. The challenge to anyone listening to this series is to use the Lord’s Prayer for the next 28 days, building new habits in our prayer life.