“Easter Grace”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Romans 3:6-11

Redemption Bible Church celebrates Easter with a look at the concept of grace, led by Pastor Jason Mayhall. We see that we must go beyond just accepting the facts of Jesus’ life and death. We must internalize the idea that, through Christ’s sacrifice, we also died and were reborn. We died to sin and were reborn with a chance to live a life that is not selfish. As we look at Jesus’ death and resurrection, we should look at our lives, ask whether we will live our lives as a slave to sin or whether we too will be resurrected in spirit. Will we live a life centered on our own desires, or will we go above and beyond to help those around us? If we are reborn, we will know that God will show us grace. We can live a life with no fear as the Lord is our protector. Trusting in God is a reminder of our hope for a new life.