After Eden (Week 4): “How to Survive a Flood”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 6:11-8:22

Redemption Bible Church continues its examination of the book of Genesis with the story of Noah and the ark. This is part of the current sermon series entitled “After Eden,” which studies what happened in the Bible after the fallen world came into being. Pastor Jason Mayhall tells the story of a world that is coming apart, one that God decides to save from itself; but this redemption comes at a price. God tells Noah he is going to flood the world, and Noah sets his heart on following God’s instructions – building an ark that will let him survive the flood. Noah is aware that he was saved but that he still also has sin. The first thing he does when the ark lands is to build an altar to the Lord. Pastor Jason encourages all of to look at how we respond when our own floods come. He encourages us to have faith that God sees us, remembers us, and knows our struggles. It is these daily problems in our lives that can either sink us or lift us up. It is when we understand it is not about us and our own strength to get through, but that by accepting the grace offered by Jesus and displaying obedience to God’s word we can move forward.