After Eden (Week 3): “Walking With God”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 5:1-6:10

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church to examine life in a fallen world, part of its current series entitled “After Eden,” which focuses on the book of Genesis. Pastor Jason starts the service with a call for all of us to pray and reflect over the troubling events we’ve witnessed this week in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas. He then connects the events there and in Genesis 5 and Genesis 6 to three key themes: Sin, Grace, and Salvation. We are reminded that Adam and Eve were made in the image of God. All people everywhere are image-bearers of God, no matter how sinful. As Christ followers, we should live with an awareness of the end that awaits and reflect God during our limited time here on Earth. No matter where we are in life we can reflect His presence now as we know death waits in the end. Reflecting God, walking with God in faith, and trusting in God will lead His followers to a blessed life.