A Skeptic’s Guide to Church (Week 7): “Devoted to Grace”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Titus 3:1-8

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church through an examination of chapter three of Paul’s letter to Titus. This is part of the current series entitled “A Skeptic’s Guide to Church.” We are reminded that we must remain humble and patient with those around us. We should be submissive to authority, kind, gentle, and we must not speak evil of others. All people have a role to play in the church, for God’s glory. Those outside of the church may respond differently to those in the church when they see the actions of those who follow Christ. In the face of negativity, we must remember how God saved us not because of our works but because of his mercy. To be patient and kind in the face of negativity and persecution can be difficult, but we must remember that we need to respond with love, which is how God has responded to us in spite of our sins. We must always remember the love and grace that God had shown us and let it guide our actions toward others.