A Long Obedience (Week 2): “How to Guard Against Being Ashamed of Christ”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – 2 Timothy 1:8-18

Redemption Bible Church continues its sermon series entitled “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction,” led by Pastor Jason Mayhall. Because God has given His Spirit to every believer, Christians have the power to proclaim the Gospel without shame and fear. As Paul’s life demonstrates, proclaiming Christ may lead to suffering. Christians should not be ashamed of Christ or run away from suffering, but we should remember God’s grace. That grace was revealed through the coming and death of the Savior. He saved us, conquered death, and brought life. Paul preached this and was imprisoned for it. He encourages Timothy to follow his example. He shows the two possible paths: fear and fleeing (e.g. Phygelos and Hermogenes) or faith and suffering (e.g. Onesiphorous). He exhorts Timothy to follow the latter path by the power of the Spirit.