Unwrapping Christmas (Week 3): “Three Reasons for Christmas Rejoicing”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 2:13-23

Redemption Bible Church, led by Pastor Jason Mayhall, finishes its current series “Unwrapping Christmas,” examining the birth of Jesus Christ. We look at the book of Matthew, where Joseph is told to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt, helping them flee a dangerous and difficult situation, driven by King Herod. As we look at our own lives we should ask whether God is asking us to flee something… perhaps our temptations or a hopeless situation? Much like Joseph we must have faith that we can escape, as God promises us all deliverance and hope. God is there to help us through the trouble, the heartache, and the difficult times. But we must be listening and looking for God’s guidance, as Joseph was. We must be in a position to listen and be open to the removal of things in our lives that cause us to walk away from God.

Unwrapping Christmas (Week 2): “The Magi and the Messiah”

Cameron Sapaugh, Guest Speaker – Matthew 2:1-12

Redemption Bible Church continues its latest series entitled “Unwrapping Christmas” examining the birth of Jesus Christ. This week we are led by Cameron Sapaugh, who describes King Herod’s concerns about the birth of Christ, the travels of the Magi, and the religious scholars of the time. A key lesson is that, like the magi, we are invited to come and see Christ and worship Him. We should recognize that, at times, during the holidays things can be challenging as it is an emotional time of year. As we review these emotions, it’s important to reflect and remember that Christ wants to carry our burdens, to be our good shepherd. As we reflect on our past and where we want to go we should look at how our heart aligns with God’s heart. As we engage with people during the Christmas season, we should look for those who might be down or without hope as perhaps there’s an opportunity to help them find Christ. Christ continues to love and support us and this is a gift we should look to share with those around us.

Unwrapping Christmas (Week 1): “Our Mysterious and Majestic King”

David Northup, Elder/Teacher – Matthew 1:18-25

Redemption Bible Church is led by one of the elders, David Northup, in a new sermon series looking at the birth of Jesus Christ entitled “Unwrapping Christmas.” David asks us to look at how Joseph handled Mary’s pregnancy and what can we learn from this truly unique event. Everyone must handle unexpected, stressful events. How many of us would handle these with the grace of Joseph? We are asked to examine our own lives, to think about what issues are we dealing with today? Do you trust God with it? Do you seek out His will? When He answers and eliminates our uncertainty, will you obey? Christmas is our reminder that we are not alone. God himself has given us eternal security in Him. Let us take that to heart today and every day as we face uncertainty!