“The Divine Comedy”

Cameron Sapaugh, Guest Speaker – Habakkuk 1-3

Cameron Sapaugh leads Redemption Bible Church in a look at Habakkuk 1-3. We see the rising threat of the Babylonian war machine threatening Judah, one of the last places left unconquered in the region. God said he would use the Babylonians as His tool, but they had become convinced of their own power and did not believe they needed to rely on God. God punishes Babylon. The story here reminds us that we must never lose sight of our faith in God. In spite of any challenges we may face or any successes we may achieve, we must still exalt the Lord as it is in His strength alone that we are able to grow. The alternative is to live by our pride and faith in our own strength, which will ultimately lead to ruin; like the Babylonians.

“Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – James 1:1

This week, Greg Huffer leads Redemption Bible Church with an examination of James 1:1. James wrote to members of the twelve tribes which have scattered, fleeing the persecution going on at that time of Jewish converts to Christianity. James opens his letter with a definition of who he is: A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Greg instructs us to look inward and ask how would we define ourselves? Would we, similarly, define ourselves as a servant of God and Jesus Christ to everyone we come across? It is perhaps easy to declare on Facebook or among your friends that you love God and that God loves others? Being a servant of God is not something one should declare lightly, as it requires sacrifice. It is more polarizing to say that you love Jesus and that to enter into a relationship with God one must come to Him through Jesus Christ, His Son. It requires changes in your life to align it as completely as possible with the purposes of God and His Kingdom. There is a lost world out there. If we truly believe we are servants of God, we must recognize we have been called to minister and to introduce those arounds us to Jesus.

“Who is Redemption?”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Joshua 1:6-18

Redemption Bible Church marks the start of 2017 with Pastor Jason Mayhall unpacking the first chapter of Joshua. Joshua had been Moses’ right-hand man but he had not been a leader of men. This chapter starts with Moses passing away and God telling Joshua that he is now responsible for leading his people to the Promised Land. Joshua, like anyone suddenly pressed into that position, must have had feelings of uncertainty, fear, and doubt. These passages of the Gospel remind us that in times of stress, God is there with us as the foundation – the rock we can build upon. To help Joshua overcome his fear, God reminds Joshua he’s been given a code to live by. He also has a community to gather with and a righteous cause to pursue. As we look at our lives at the start of 2017, many of us are starting new endeavors, setting resolutions, and seeking to overcome challenges in our lives. We can see ourselves in the guidance God gave Joshua. We all have the same Christian code to live by, community to gather with, and cause to unite behind. We must know, similar to Joshua, we can rely on God to help us overcome any uncertainty and doubt we might fear.

“Whom Do You Seek?”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – John 18:1-14

Redemption Bible Church celebrates the New Year with Pastor Jason Mayhall leading from John 18. Pastor Jason teaches about how the Bible is not just a black and white rule book for moral behavior. More broadly, a life spent focused solely on morality, be it our own or the morality of others, will always fail as it is too narrowly defined and misses the broader meaning of the Gospel. However we, as humans, find this lifestyle easy to adopt because we are comfortable when things are clear cut. Knowing what to expect can cause us to avoid the more difficult questions around who and what we are looking for, but we miss the salvation only found through Jesus.

“Orphan Sunday 2015”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – John 14:15-31

Redemption Bible Church is led, this Orphan Sunday, by Pastor Jason Mayhall. Pastor Jason teaches how Jesus’ ministry for us is the model for how we should care for those around us, particularly those who are most vulnerable. We then hear from two special groups:

Safe Families, through Coalition of Care: Chris Combs and Heather Ingle describe an incredible ministry in Cincinnati that responds to God’s call. Safe Families connects children-in-need with volunteer families who can host children for a small time, through to fostering or adoption care. These volunteer families, prompted solely by compassion, open their homes to children allowing parents to work out their issues without worry about losing parental custody.

Back2Back Ministries: John and Corrie Guckenberger share the story of Back2Back Ministries, a global ministry dedicated to the development and sustainability of the orphan child. Through staff on the ground, partnerships with local ministries, and mission trip guests they work toward providing holistic support to orphans. The goal is to develop orphan children who grow to be dependent on Jesus, interdependent in their communities, and independent adults.