“Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – James 1:1

This week, Greg Huffer leads Redemption Bible Church with an examination of James 1:1. James wrote to members of the twelve tribes which have scattered, fleeing the persecution going on at that time of Jewish converts to Christianity. James opens his letter with a definition of who he is: A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Greg instructs us to look inward and ask how would we define ourselves? Would we, similarly, define ourselves as a servant of God and Jesus Christ to everyone we come across? It is perhaps easy to declare on Facebook or among your friends that you love God and that God loves others? Being a servant of God is not something one should declare lightly, as it requires sacrifice. It is more polarizing to say that you love Jesus and that to enter into a relationship with God one must come to Him through Jesus Christ, His Son. It requires changes in your life to align it as completely as possible with the purposes of God and His Kingdom. There is a lost world out there. If we truly believe we are servants of God, we must recognize we have been called to minister and to introduce those arounds us to Jesus.

Identity Theft – Finding Who You Are In Christ (Week 17): “We Are Standers”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – Ephesians 6:10-24

This week, Redemption Bible Church concludes the “Identity Theft” sermon series with Greg Huffer, as our guest speaker. With a look at Ephesians 6, Greg describes how one who glorifies Jesus stands in God’s power and needs to be strong in the Lord. He teaches us that we’re going to experience temptation, anger, deceitful thoughts, and through that one can start to doubt God’s love. As believers, we are saved by the Gospel of peace that sets us firmly in God’s family. Therefore, we should never need to raise these doubts again, allowing us to maintain a firm resolve in the face of sin.

Identity Theft – Finding Who You Are In Christ (Week 8): “We Are Welcomed”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – Ephesians 3:1-13

This week, Redemption Bible Church continues the sermon series entitled “Identity Theft,” led by Greg Huffer. Using Ephesians 3, together with selections from Romans and Acts, it is explained how the Apostle Paul sees his mission as reaching the Gentiles with the Gospel. Through this, we see God’s deep love for both Israel and the Gentiles. All of us are members of God’s family. We are all the people of God, if we come to him in faith.

Parables (Week 9): “Sowing Seeds”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – Matthew 13:1-23

Redemption Bible Church concludes the sermon series entitled “Parables of Jesus,” led by Greg Huffer. In this parable, Jesus described His followers as farmers sowing seeds. We, as Christians, seek to spread the Gospel. There are four types of soil Jesus told us we can expect to encounter as we spread the word, three of which are a hindrance to receiving it. In spite of this, we must recognize that as the farmer does not know which seeds will take root, we do not know how the gospel is going to be received. We only know that the gospel must be spread and then have hope that it will take root and flourish.