A Skeptic’s Guide to Church (Week 2): “Shepherding Like Jesus”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Titus 1:5-9

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church in the continuation of the sermon series entitled “A Skeptic’s Guide to Church,” a look at what makes a vibrant and inviting church environment. Pastor Jason teaches, from Paul’s letter to Titus, about church elders and government. These are the pillars on which the church stands, to preach the Word of God. Church leaders can be instrumental in either bringing people into the church or pushing them away from church, turning them off from the faith. Paul talks about how a healthy church must have healthy spiritual leadership, which encourages us to center ourselves on Jesus Christ. When we look at elders, we should ask: What would happen if the church imitates this person? The characteristics of good elders are explored, and the need for elders to lead and guide the church. With good leadership, the followers of Jesus Christ are able to experience blessing they could never have imagined.

A Skeptic’s Guide to Church (Week 1): “Saved to Serve”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Titus 1:1-4

Pastor Jason Mayhall begins a new sermon series entitled “A Skeptic’s Guide to Church,” at Redemption Bible Church. Using Paul’s letter to Titus, Pastor Jason teaches that every one of us is a servant of the Lord. We are chosen by God, and yet have the choice to serve Him by serving others. Faith is at the heart of accepting that both of these can be true at the same time. We are chosen, but have a choice. Those who are not centered on the church, are encouraged to see what the church’s mission is all about. If people see a picture of a healthy church, it may change how they think about what it means to be a part of the church.

“The Divine Comedy”

Cameron Sapaugh, Theology Student – Habakkuk 1-3

Cameron Sapaugh leads Redemption Bible Church in a look at Habakkuk 1-3. We see the rising threat of the Babylonian war machine threatening Judah, one of the last places left unconquered in the region. God said he would use the Babylonians as His tool, but they had become convinced of their own power and did not believe they needed to rely on God. God punishes Babylon. The story here reminds us that we must never lose sight of our faith in God. In spite of any challenges we may face or any successes we may achieve, we must still exalt the Lord as it is in His strength alone that we are able to grow. The alternative is to live by our pride and faith in our own strength, which will ultimately lead to ruin; like the Babylonians.

“Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?”

Greg Huffer, Guest Speaker – James 1:1

This week, Greg Huffer leads Redemption Bible Church with an examination of James 1:1. James wrote to members of the twelve tribes which have scattered, fleeing the persecution going on at that time of Jewish converts to Christianity. James opens his letter with a definition of who he is: A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Greg instructs us to look inward and ask how would we define ourselves? Would we, similarly, define ourselves as a servant of God and Jesus Christ to everyone we come across? It is perhaps easy to declare on Facebook or among your friends that you love God and that God loves others? Being a servant of God is not something one should declare lightly, as it requires sacrifice. It is more polarizing to say that you love Jesus and that to enter into a relationship with God one must come to Him through Jesus Christ, His Son. It requires changes in your life to align it as completely as possible with the purposes of God and His Kingdom. There is a lost world out there. If we truly believe we are servants of God, we must recognize we have been called to minister and to introduce those arounds us to Jesus.

Pray Like Jesus (Week 4): “The Greatest Prayer”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – John 17:1-26

Pastor Jason Mayhall concludes the current sermon series, entitled “Pray Like Jesus,” at Redemption Bible Church. The teaching includes what we should think about when we pray, specifically how our eternal life hinges on the knowledge and acceptance of one true God. Praying like Jesus means we must look beyond our own wants and needs, and recognize that everything we have is because of God. We must recognize that the Devil is real, and we need to pray for protection from him — not just for ourselves, but also for the rest of the world. We must be witness to the world as one being, recognizing that when we unify together we create the bonds that Jesus sought for us. The enemy of God, the Devil, seeks to divide people. As a church, we must emphasize relationships amongst ourselves and our community. No matter what is happening, Jesus is praying that we stay and work together; that we are united in the belief that there is one true God who loves us and protects us. Praying as Jesus did helps us strengthen the bonds between us. It encourages us to think about not just ourselves, but those around us and the role we can play in redeeming the world.

Pray Like Jesus (Week 3): “The Hardest Prayer”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 26:36-46

Pastor Jason Mayhall continues Redemption Bible Church’s four week sermon series entitled “Pray Like Jesus.” This week, Pastor Jason teaches what happens if nothing occurs after we pray to God. Many of us have faced or are facing difficult, painful realities and seeking God’s help. God knows us, and knows what we need. Parents say, “No,” to some requests of their children because the children don’t understand what is coming. Similarly we, as children of God the Father, need to learn God listens to and responds to our prayer requests in the way He knows will lead us to maximize how we might grow in our faith. For example, God may be protecting us from ourselves and from sin we have not dealt with yet. He may be using the opportunity to teach us persistence and to rely on Him more than our own gifts. This does not mean we cannot be anxious about what is in front of us. We see in Matthew chapter 26 how Jesus prayed three different times and expressed some anxiety about what was to come. It is not wrong or sinful for someone to be anxious or to want something different than God’s will. God hears us, loves us, and protects us. God will show us the way and present us with the things we need to help us become the best version of ourselves that we can be. We will not get to a place of peace, healing and submission unless we spend time talking to God.

Pray Like Jesus (Week 2): “A Pattern for Prayer (Part 2)”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 6:11-13

Redemption Bible Church continues the new sermon series entitled “Pray Like Jesus.” Pastor Jason Mayhall teaches how, through the Bible, the Lord has provided us with guidance that enables us to effectively pray. It is during prayer we can ask God for what we need today but, if we accept God’s provision, we must also recognize that only God can distinguish between need and want. God knows what we truly need. If we believe in Him, He will provide for us. Pastor Jason also reminds us that we must pray not just for our needs but also the needs of others. Through this, we can help make the world more like God’s Kingdom in Heaven. During prayer we must recognize our sins — both the things we did and should not have done, and the things we should have done but did not do. Every time we sin, a debt is created, which demands payment. When we confess our sins, this debt is paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself. By praying to God, He will lead us to freedom; A freedom from the sins that Satan uses to ensnare us. Rather than being distracted by Satan we can ask God, through prayer, that our life would bring glory to Him.

Pray Like Jesus (Week 1): “A Pattern for Prayer (Part 1)”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Matthew 6:5-10

Redemption Bible Church begins a new sermon series entitled “Pray Like Jesus,” led by Pastor Jason Mayhall. This will be a 4-week examination of how to pray. What should the process of talking to our Lord God look like? Do you pray in a way that generates spiritual vitality, or do you find yourself stalled when you feel the urge to pray? Are you coasting without really going in any particular direction? Pastor Jason teaches that prayer can fall by the wayside for some, but if you carve out time to pray it can cause the rest of your life to fall in line. Jesus laid out a path to prayer, which we can follow starting with the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus’ teaching show us that prayer is mostly private, so we must seek out an environment where we can go to meet God. He also teaches that prayer should be purposeful. It is not sufficient to just repeat the same prayers over and over. Finally, it is patterned. It’s not simply sporadic thoughts, but similar to dancing, it’s got a flow to it that prevents us from getting stuck. The goal of this 4-week series is to use Jesus as a model, to use Him as a prompt to start expanding our prayer-life. The challenge to anyone listening to this series is to use the Lord’s Prayer for the next 28 days, building new habits in our prayer life.

Trust Fall (Week 16): “A Piece of the Promise”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 23:1-20

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church to looks at the story of Abraham, concluding the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” Pastor Jason recounts how we’ve seen Abraham show incredible faith in God, but we’ve also seen him reject the promises God had for him. As we enter chapter 23, we see the death of Sarah and Abraham’s devastation. This is the only time Abraham is recorded to be weeping. We then see Abraham’s determination to make sure Sarah’s burial plot will be in Canaan. Abraham is a wanderer in the land of Canaan, without a place of his own to bury her. He desires a permanent place to bury her, so as to not have to borrow land for this need. God had promised Abraham land but this promise had not yet been fulfilled, so Abraham keeps his faith in God and is able to secure the land sought for Sarah’s burial plot. This story shows, again, how we are saved when we place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Trust Fall (Week 15): “The Obedience of Abraham”

Jason Mayhall, Lead Pastor – Genesis 22:1-24

Pastor Jason Mayhall leads Redemption Bible Church through the details of the famous story of Abraham and his son Isaac in Genesis 22. This is a continuation of the sermon series entitled “Trust Fall.” We see how God will use tests of faith to get our attention. He does this as a way to ensure our priorities are right, to help us let go of our daily concerns and to focus on Him. We see how Abraham perseveres through such a test, as he is willing to offer up his son Isaac on the altar. It is through perseverance in these tests of faith that we demonstrate obedience to God and make our faith visible. These experiences put our true character on display, revealing what we believe and how we act on that belief. Moving through spiritual tests helps us become more like Jesus, letting the world see His greatness through us. These experiences can come suddenly and can be difficult to get through, but we must trust that God knows what he’s doing. In spite of any frustration, pain, and doubt, we must see that God is asking us to obey. God will always give us what we need to get through to the other side with our faith strengthened.